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Hype Award - [Insert Team Name Here]
Team: Emory Jiang, Wilmer Domingo, Jackie Li, Saumil Jagirdar, Calvin Lin
Farm Tails is an educational game geared toward autistic children that teaches reading skills and following directions by collecting the correct farm animal based on the farmer's description.
Facebook page:

User's Choice - Code Sharks

Team: Timothy Lee, Michelle Lim, Vincent Ho, Gus Diaz, John Kim, DK Nguyen

Where's Happy?: A storytelling app that teaches autistic children empathy and emotions by asking them to predict how the character will feel based on different situations in the story. 

People's Choice - Spectrum Analysis
1) Roni Tu
2) Derrick Chuong
3) Stephen lee
4) Falice Wang
5) Eder Lopez
6) Manisha Priyadarshini
7) Jasmine Hunter
Kaka's Hands - A game that teaches fine motor skills involving the hands using the LeapMotion.
Honorable Mentions - 
Gabriel Chow
Francis Hong
Peter Nguyen
Thanh Tran
Brandon Lim
Rainee Khabagnote

Craft is a web application that helps autistic people find rewarding opportunities and fulfilling careers.

Garrett Isaacs
Kathleen Lamkin
A game with oculus rift set up in an attempt to improve communication skills for those who have autism. The game consists of going to a pet store to buy items for your pet.
Jennifer Re
Daniel Osterman
Ian Jackson
Matt Robillard
Melissa LeBlanc
Color^Eye is an app that helps users distinguish colors in their environment by looking at them through Google Glass or other Android device.
Alejandro Rangel
LouAnne Boyd
Fox Pan
KOALA - Kinetic Optical Auditory Learning Assistant. An app to support social skills by learning vocabulary words through images, audio, and using the word in a sentence.
1st place - HCI 2015: Waypoint
Austin Thiel
Matthew Helms
Kristy Mai
Kevin Kusumanegara
Caitlin Brostek
Cam Filley
Sarah Monroe
Waypoint is an app that helps you keep track of the location of your child using a Smart Watch or other mobile device.
2nd place - HGDC UCI
Brandon Hastings
Danny Nguyen
Brian Wei
Jae Choi
Zachary Hart
Brian Tero
Andrea Landrito

Study Buddy: Children on the autism spectrum have difficulty with generalization. Study Buddy aims to help children learn how to identify different objects, people, and contexts through positive reinforcement.

3rd place - Gryffindor
Kathleen Lamkin
Michael Yuan
Isaac Lien
Martin Caestecker
Meghan Mehta
Timothy Seavey
Noah Steiman-Cameron
Virtual Blox is a virtual reality game using the LeapMotion.
(See video for more info)

What is the Autism App Jam?

The Autism App Jam is a two week competition where teams use their creativity to develop an app that would benefit persons with Autism. The apps will be judged and the top teams will be awarded prizes and recognition.

Each year participation and excitement has grown in this event. Check out last year's App Jam to know what it's like: 2014
This is not just for Computer Science students. We're looking for students from Informatics, Art, Engineering, Medicine, Education... All are welcome!

Please visit the Event Details page for venue details and schedules.

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Competition Rules

Each team will be expected to submit a functioning app by the deadline and prepare a poster for the judging event. Throughout the course of the event each team will post progress reports and status updates to their own social media page or blog.

Criteria for judging:

  • Relevance to Autism
  • Uniqueness
  • Creativity
  • Presentation
  • Design Process Shown by Social Media/Blog Posts


  • 2nd Place
  • $512
  • 3rd Place
  • $256
  • People’s Choice - Lunch at Google
  • Users’ Choice - Blizzard Games and Geeky Swag Bag
  • Hype Award - Geeky Swag Bag

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