Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a team? NO! You can sign up as an individual or as a pair or whatever you like, and we will fill out the rest of your team for you. You can also meet and mingle with people at the kickoff on April 11 to finalize a team (max. 7 members).

Do I have to know how to code? Absolutely not! We encourage people to make balanced teams with people with all different kinds of skills.

Do I have to know about autism? Same answer! You will learn through this event, and we hope those who know about autism will be spread amongst all competitors.

Whats an app? The name AppJam originated last year with our emphasis on mobile apps. This year, we kept the name, but you can make anything you want. Games, websites, Anrdoid apps, iPad apps, an Arduiono controlled physical system, ANYTHING!

Whats the deal with the workshops on Saturday? These are there for you to learn. They are not mandatory. There will be food. They are in DBH 6011.

What if we can’t come during the judging event? The judging event takes place April 25 at the Beckmann Center. A majority of your team must be there, but the whole team doesn’t have to be. Of course, its in your interests to be there, because there will be great people to impress who are looking to hire you, fund your company, and so on. Plus, good food.

Can we submit something we are doing for something else? Yes, sort of, mostly…. why the hedging? Well, we want to be fair. So, you cannot submit something you already made. If you are starting something now that happens to be useful in another venue though, we won’t stop you using it elsewhere. This is your work. So, whether you want to take it and sell it to Google, make a startup, or turn it in to another venue, its YOURS. Just make sure your whole team agrees to whatever you are going to do with it.


More Questions?

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